The man who sets a trap for others will get caught in it himself. Roll a boulder down on someone, and it will roll back and crush you. [Proverbs 26:27 (TLB)]

Because the wicked are unfair, their violence boomerangs and destroys them. [Proverbs 21:7 (TLB)]

red-bellied woodpeckerDo you remember Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner from the Looney Tunes cartoons? The coyote, hoping for a tasty desert dinner, continually plotted ways to capture the noisy bird. His devious plans, however, always backfired. From a hot air balloon, Coyote dropped an anvil down on the bird only to have the balloon lose altitude and sink to the ground. Coyote landed just before the anvil fell on him and the Roadrunner sped safely by. When hiding behind a rock, Coyote held a grenade, ready to toss it at the bird. Hearing the Roadrunner’s familiar “beep, beep,” he mistakenly tossed the pin at the bird while the grenade remained in his paw. It exploded as the bird happily whizzed down the road. Coyote even tried to catch the Roadrunner using a boomerang covered in glue. As you can guess, he was the one who ended up stuck to the weapon. It’s too bad Wile E. Coyote didn’t give thought to today’s verses from Proverbs; he could have saved himself lots of trouble.

Years ago, my son and his wife brought us a boomerang as a souvenir from their trip to Australia. When thrown correctly, the boomerang is supposed to fly in a circular path and return to its starting point. The only way that boomerang ever returned after being tossed was if the dog brought it back to me! Bad behavior, however, has a way of boomeranging and we don’t have to be Wile E. Coyote to have our malicious plans backfire. If we wrong others or scheme against them, gossip or betray friendships, sabotage another person’s plans, or start pointing fingers, our strategies may well return to us. Remember the old phrase, “What goes around, comes around”? While that may not be true for a boomerang, it appears to be true for malice and animosity.

The wicked man conceives an evil plot, labors with its dark details, and brings to birth his treachery and lies; let him fall into his own trap. May the violence he plans for others boomerang upon himself; let him die. [Psalm 7:14-16 (TLB)]

God has made the sins of evil men to boomerang upon them! He will destroy them by their own plans. Jehovah our God will cut them off. [Psalm 94:23 (TLB)]

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