Lord, you are my hope. Lord, I have trusted you since I was young. I have depended on you since I was born; you helped me even on the day of my birth. I will always praise you. … Do not reject me when I am old; do not leave me when my strength is gone. [Psalm 71:5-6,9 (NCV)]

3-27-15img026webA friend recently shared an email from her mother, a lively 94-year old woman. She told about forgetting her elbow brace on the way to the exercise room in her senior residence. After returning to her apartment and donning the brace, my friend’s mother took inventory of the other “appliances” she needs to get through each day. Along with the elbow brace, she wears glasses, two hearing aids, a knee brace, two sets of dentures, two orthopedic shoe inserts, and one doe-skin support for three toes. Noting that “it’s not a simple management situation” to keep track of them all, she wisely reminded the younger family members to take care of their bodies. While she didn’t mention the number of medications that are also a part of her daily regimen, I imagine that list is lengthy, as well.

Many of us are reaching the age when God is starting to recall some of our parts. A few of us feel positively bionic with our titanium plates, pacemakers, or artificial hips or knees. Old age is not for sissies and presents a fair number of challenges. Nevertheless, as long as we’re still breathing, we should be grateful and in good spirits since God hasn’t recalled the entire body as yet! Old age is a privilege given from God and, sadly, one denied to far too many of our friends and family. Rest assured, however, that the Lord is constant in his care for us. While we may change and start wearing out as the years progress, God, who is older than time itself, remains the same. He doesn’t stop working in our lives because parts of our bodies have ceased to function properly. He is as close to us now as when we took our first breath and He’ll be right beside us when we take our last one. God carried us as children and He will continue to carry us until He takes us on our final trip home. Before we take that last journey, however, there is still work to be done in God’s earthly kingdom. As long as we are breathing (even if we need supplemental oxygen to do it), there is someone somewhere with whom we can share God’s good news. Just don’t forget your cane on the way out the door!

God, you have taught me since I was young. To this day I tell about the miracles you do. Even though I am old and gray, do not leave me, God. I will tell the children about your power; I will tell those who live after me about your might. [Psalm 71:17-18 (NCV)]